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Why Join?

Why Join iappANZ?


iappANZ - Connecting Privacy People, empowering Privacy Practice

Almost every organisation has privacy responsibilities. You need to know how to meet and manage those responsibilities.

iappANZ membership is cost effective and provides you with a wealth of opportunities to expand your privacy knowledge, compliance, interests and networks. Our members in Australia and New Zealand represent some of the best minds in the privacy field, from large public companies and government sector to not for profit, SMEs and individuals. As a not for profit association, your money is spent on membership benefits. iappANZ does not lobby, so your organisation will never be compromised by your membership.

iappANZ is part of an internationally recognised privacy brand

IAPP, our sister organisation, has members from 52 countries across the world and a membership more than 30,000 across 100 countries. It is the largest privacy association in the world and generously provides all of its resources to iappANZ. If your organisation is a member of iapp, you can join iappANZ for free.

iappANZ provides access to cutting edge seminars, workshops and an annual summit

iappANZ has access to international and ANZ speakers of the highest calibre. We do not merely provide legal education: iappANZ bridges the gap between practical, legal and technical issues in privacy. We use research from around the world to assist our members understand and explore trends that help them make privacy a positive business enhancer in their organisations.

iappANZ creates a trust place to meet colleagues who practice in the area

iappANZ is your conduit to privacy professionals outside of your workplace, enabling business collaboraions, shared discussions and issues resolutions.

iappANZ provides new career opportunities

Our monthly Privacy Unbound Journal and LinkedIn page advertise available positions and as a member, you can advertise positions available or desired, free of charge, to an interested audience.

iappANZ gives you daily, weekly and monthly updates of first class privacy materials

Our Privacy Unbound Journal provides practical thought leadership and case studies. Our popular Q+A with the Australian Commissioner keeps you in touch with regulators. Through Privacy Unbound, you can submit your own articles for publication internationally. There is also a Daily and Weekly news digest to keep you up to date.

iappANZ has a globally recognised certification for privacy professionals

Certification is increasingly valuable and iappANZ certification has cachet like no other.

iappANZ gives you entree to our global knowledge net

The Global Knowledge Net is the way training and educational events are organised. Travelling a lot? You may find a group to join where you are going, as well as becoming a part of your local group.

iappANZ has chatham house rules events

Sometimes you just need to say what is on your mind. It helps if you can have meaningful discussion with other trusted professionals. iappANZ facilitates this.

iappANZ logo provides confidence

Membership of this trusted organisation gives your organisation the imprimatur of leaders in privacy.

iappANZ has an active linkedin page, facebook page and yes, the members do tweet

“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member” – Groucho Marx If only Groucho had known about us! It’s really a case of why not join iappANZ.


Membership Type AUS Annual Membership Fees 

(includes GST)

NZ Annual Membership Fees 

(includes GAST)

Individual / Professional / Government AUD$250 NZD$250
Corporate – up to 5 nominated staff AUD$1,000 NZD$1,000
Corporate – additional nominated staff AUD$200 each NZD$200 each
Student AUD$50 NZD$50


If you require any further information or need any assistance please email admin@iappanz.org or call 02 9431 8684