Privacy Legacy

As resolved at our EGM in September, iappANZ is delighted to announce that on behalf of its members, it intends to direct the remaining funds available after its winding up of the association and transition to the IAPP is completed next year, to establish founding grants or funds for a privacy project or program in each of Australia and New Zealand.


We are inviting members of iappANZ and any interested member of the broader privacy professional community to submit proposals.

This could be in the form of for example:


  • funding a University collaborative project that focuses on topics such as privacy AND human rights, the law, science or technology;
  • funds the development of innovative products, programs or technology that focusses on protecting digital privacy;
  • funds a scholarship or essay prize or travel grant
  • funds a visiting fellowship

Proposals must be submitted by 5pm on 16 November and can be sent by email to our General Manager Julie Krieger at



Proposals should be no more than one A4 page and should include:

  • An outline of the proposal;
  • How it is intended that the proposal will benefit the education and development of privacy and the profession;
  • If possible, an estimate of the suggested amount of funds that would be required to support the proposal and whether the proposal requires ongoing funding;
  • Any particular expected outcomes;
  • Name and contact details of proposer
  • Name of the organisation nominated to benefit and if possible a contact person at the organisation



iappANZ will assess proposals on the following key criteria:



  • Relevance to and compatibility with iappANZ’s objects having regard to the nature of the benefitting organisation or program
  • Overall benefit to the development of privacy in ANZ and the profession



Please note that:


  • proposals will be assessed by the Board in the new year and a final in principle decision announced by early 2019
  • iappANZ reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal in its absolute discretion;



Also, this invitation is not intended to:


  • create or give rise to any duty or obligation in respect of the selection process in relation to proposals;
  • create any promise or contractual relationship between iappANZ and any nominated organisation; or
  • entitle anyone preparing a proposal to any claim for the cost of responding to this invitation.



We look forward to receiving and considering your proposals.